Michael Grieve Creative Director

A British photographer, writer and lecturer, with considerable experience in the field of photography. Having graduated with a BA Hons in Film, Video and Photographic Arts and an MA in Photographic Studies both at the University of Westminster in London, he went on to be an editorial photographer for publications such as Liberation, Le Monde, Sunday Times Magazine, Weekend Guardian Magazine, Vice, Newsweek, and is represented by Agence VU in Paris. He was the deputy editor and writer for the contemporary photography magazine, 1000 Words for five years, and organised workshops in Morocco with such notable photographers as Antoine d’Agata, Anders Petersen and Roger Ballen.

He was a senior lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, a lecturer at Akademia Fotografii in Warsaw and a lecturer at Berliner Technische Kunstschule in Berlin where he taught documentary, portrait and the history of photography. He teaches workshops and writes for the British Journal of Photography on a regular basis. He continues to work on subjective photo-book projects that are fictions, based on reality.


Michael Grieve

Vivia de la Chesnais Project Coordinator

Born in France to a Norwegian mother and French father who’s communal language was English, Vivia considers herself a true European. Early life was ping ponged between England, France, Denmark and Germany before semi settling in the UK whilst attending Bedales School. She went on to study Fine Art at Camberwell College, Lens Based Media at Blake College both in London. Progressed towards learning documentary film making at the Film Farm in Poland and photography at Fatamorgana in Copenhagen before working in Paris as Photography Studio coordinator for Atelier Jean Noel Reichel.

Since 2008 she has been based in Berlin working on various projects. Currently studying Nutritional Therapy, personal projects are becoming more anatomy and science related. She believes that any type of Art can be a form of deep therapy, or at the very least a form of release, as long as it is truly one’s own.

Anders Petersen Photographer

Anders Petersen is Sweden’s most famous living photographer. He was born in 1944 is Stockholm. His photography is intimate, personal and documentary in style. His seminal photobook, Café Lehmitz, first published in 1978, is an affectionate and gritty portrayal of the regular drinkers of this late night bar in Hamburg, and is highly influential in the history of European photography.

In 1966 Petersen was a student and became good friends with Christer Strömholm at the School of Photography in Stockholm. He has published numerous photobooks including, Gröna Lund, Close Distance, City Diary, Soho and From Back Home. He has taught many workshops and was professor of photography at the School of Photography and Film at the University of Göteborg. His awards include, Photographer of the Year at the Rencontres d’Arles in 2003, the Dr. Erich Salomon Award in 2007.


Anders Petersen

Antoine d’Agata Photographer

Antoine d’Agata is a photographer and film maker. His itinerant work is experiential, exposing his desire for drug and sexual excess. By using photography he does not try to document the world but to retain his personal and intimate relationship with it. Seeking out the extreme he challenges personal and social boundaries.

A Magnum member since 2004, Antoine d’Agata has won many awards. His many books include Stigma, Insomnia, Vortex, Ice and Anticorps. His film, Atlas, is a personal account of prostitute woman that is profound, beautiful and tragic.


Michael Ackerman Photographer

His critically acclaimed photobooks are a monochrome and grainy expression of his explorations and emotional voyages into the world of uncertainty and realisation. His book ‘End Time City‘ won the Nadar Award in 1999 and the Infinity Award for young photographers in 1998. His latest book ‘Half Life‘, was published by Robert Delpire in 2010.

He recently collaborated with the cellist Vincent Courtois and the curator, Christian Caujolle, in a show entitled ‘L’intuition‘ at the festival Banlieues Bleues for Recontres d’Arles in 2014.

Alisa Resnik Photographer

Based in Berlin she is orginally from St Petersburg in Russia. Her critically acclaimed project, One Another, won the European Publishers Award in 2013.

Her nocturnal photographs are personal visions on the melancholy of her reality and those people with whom she has a fleeting or close affinity towards. They play out as the theatre of life and resonate from the dark illumination of Caravaggio’s chiaroscuro.


Karolina Spolniewski Photographer

A Polish photographer and film-maker based in Berlin. Graduated from the Technical University Berlin with a MSc in Psychology. Fellowship at American Board of Sport Psychology/ Harvard NY in Evidence-Based Applied Sport Psychology.
Studied Photography and Visual Arts BA at Berlin University of Art and Design. Participated in Antoine D’Agata’s residency programme at Studio Vortex in Arles, and a Berlin Foto Kiez workshop with Michael Ackerman, both in 2016.
Several fellowships in artistic research of global environmental change of the University of the Arctic / Finland followed by a book publication as well as the co-curation of the travelling exhibition “Visualizing Environmental Change”.

Exhibited, ‘Hotel of Eternal Light’ at the Voies Off during the Rencontres d’Arles photography festival in 2016.

Currently teaching psychology at Fern Universität Hagen, working as an independent photographer for ExBerliner Magazine and film-making for Berlin Foto Kiez. Researching and photographing a long-term project called ‘Hotel of Eternal Light‘, a visual investigation into the field of regimes and totalitarian systems during the recent history of Europe.